Partisan Gin & Tonic Hamper





Packed to bursting with citrus delights… Just add ice! Each hamper contains

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin

Silent Pool Rare Citrus Gin uses some of the World’s rarest and most intriguing citrus. A naturally distilled and masterfully blended spirit, which balances bright and zesty with subtly sweet and blends enticingly rich with delicately spiced for a refreshingly distinctive and beautifully aromatic gin.

Two Large Bottles of Fever Tree Tonic Water

If 3/4 of your drink is mixer mix with the best

Silver & Green Olives

Simply the best Olives, a firm Partisan favourite

Camembert Agrumes

Completely unexpected… This citron Camembert is a total game changer. A deliciously creamy mini camembert sandwiched with a fromage frais and citrus peel filling.

Fine Cheese Co Toast For Cheese Crackers

Thin, light and crisp toast (baked twice like biscotti) and uniquely studded with fruits, nuts and seeds. Perfect with deeply creamy cheeses.

Jar House Gin & Tonic Lemon Drizzle Cake Kit

This Gin & Tonic Lemon Drizzle loaf is utterly delicious!

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