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The cheesemonger’s cheeses – with years of tasting (and lively discussion), the Partisan team have managed to narrow down a selection of cheeses that we can wholeheartedly declare our very favourites. This is a selection chosen with great care and experience, and sure to be eaten with great enthusiasm. 

Christmas Cheese will be delivered between 21-23rd December – we will confirm date by 19th December




Red Wine Farmer

Walo Von Mühlenen, the affineur creator of this cheese is regarded in the cheese community as something of a genius. This cheese perfectly illustrates why. He takes an unpasteurised semi-hard cows milk cheese – like a Gruyere – from the east of Switzerland and matures it in his own cellars for approximately 10 months. During this time the cheese is repeatedly washed in red wine to introduce complex, savoury and pungent aromas into this wonderful alpine cheese.

Isle of Wight Blue

A naturally rinded soft cheese made with pasteurised milk. It is blue veined with a rich creamy unctuous flavour.

Baron Bigod

A creamy, white bloomy-rind cheese handmade at Fen Farm in Bungay, Suffolk, using raw Montbeliarde cows milk. It has a smooth silky texture and a golden curd, with long lasting warm earth, farmyard and mushroom flavours. A firm Partisan favourite.

Brightwell Ash

Brightwell Ash is a ripened goat cheese disc with an ash based natural rind. It has a silky texture and particularly sumptuous flavour with hazelnut and citrus notes. It is made with traditional animal rennet. The rind develops natural moulds on the ash base which add greatly to the flavour and character of the cheese and vary seasonally.

Trou du Cru

Washed in Marc de Bourgogne spirit for 3 or 4 weeks, this pasteurised, cows milk cheese is brimming with pungent flavour. The cheeses are aged on straw to allow them to breathe and prevent them from sticking to a flat surface. Here they also pick up a sweet smell of straw and hay.

Sticky, meaty and melt in the mouth creamy.

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