Lucky Dip Box


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Our boxes usually come with three of four 200g pieces of cheese which means unless we start with a whole cheese that weighs a multiple of 200g which we cut perfectly evenly, we often end up with a chunk at the end that is in the 100 – 150g range.

Solution… The lucky dip box. We really feel its a case of “the more the merrier” when it comes to cheese and if you do to then this is the box for you!

Stuffed with a random selection of smaller slices of cheese, we guarentee you will get more than 600g in the small box and 800g in the large box. the small will contain four or five 100 – 150g pieces of cheese and the large box will contain six to eight similar sized pieces.

The cheese will be a varied selection of our whole shop range, and while we cant guarentee it, if you let us know your favorite we will do our best to include something similar. We also offer a NO COWS MILK box (small)  if you are a little lactose intolerant.

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