Christmas – French


Our Best of France selection allows you to explore the best of Gallic gourmet from the comfort of your home. Whether you’re reminiscing holidays past, or just a fan of French fromage, this selection is guaranteed to make un Joyeux Noël!

Christmas Cheese will be delivered between 21-23rd December – we will confirm date by 19th December

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The classic firm, creamy mountain cheese from the Jura Mountains. Smooth, nutty and with long-lasting flavour, this Comte is aged for between 30 – 36 months, regularly turned, to ensure the texture remains consistent and moist.

Brie de Meaux

A true classic, Brie de Meaux is a hand made bloomy rind cheese from northern France. Some skilful post-revolution marketing renamed this ‘King’s Cheese’ into the ‘King of Cheeses’, a title it deserves to this day. The distinctive aroma, velvety texture and complex flavour combine to create this tasty delight.


From the champagne region of France, this semi-soft washed rind cheese is a real gem. A perfect accompaniment to any fine sparkling wine, Langres has a slightly pungent aroma, crumbly lactic centre and smooth velvet finish. Excellent on its own or a real visual treat on any cheeseboard.


Cast in a truncated pyramid format, allegedly due to Napoleon chopping the top off of one in anger after returning from his campaign in Egypt, the Valencay is one of the classic French goats’ cheeses. Coated with salted charcoal ashes, the smooth, pale interior is robust in flavour without being overpowering.

Fourme D’Ambert

This beautifully rich and creamy cheese is known as the ‘connoisseur’s blue’. Tall and cylindrical in shape, the interior is cream coloured with an even marbling of blue and a thin rind. The texture is superbly smooth and the flavour is mellow and subtly nutty, making it a great partner for fine wines as it is not overly aggressive.