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Our carefully curated mini celebration tower is the ideal centrepiece for your dinner party spread. Perfect for two people to enjoy over the whole weekend or a newly allowed group of six to share during an outdoor gathering.

Each tower includes  four decadent whole cheeses that complement one another in taste and appearance


Tru Du Crou

Washed in Marc de Bourgogne spirit for 3 or 4 weeks, this pasteurised, cows milk cheese is brimming with pungent flavour. The cheeses are aged on straw to allow them to breathe and prevent them from sticking to a flat surface. Here they also pick up a sweet smell of straw and hay.

Sticky, meaty and melt in the mouth creamy… Form an orderly queue everyone!


Isle Of Wight Blue

Unctuous, buttery and delicious! Being naturally rinded, it is covered in green, blue, grey and white moulds. These give the cheese bags of character and the variety of surface moulds that grow on the rind will make it stand out on any cheeseboard.
The cheese has been a multiple medal winner at the World, British and International Cheese Awards, most notably winning Best English Cheese at The World Cheese Awards.



A Camembert style hand made in Hampshire by Stacey Hedges and her team. A rich earthy mushroom like aroma with a sweet and nutty flavour combine to make this a truly remarkable cheese. A multi award winning product described by Raymond Blanc as the best Camembert in the world – that has got to hurt a French chef to admit.


King Richard III Wensleydale

King Richard III is a traditional, cloth-bound, cows’ milk cheese made to a pre-war recipe for Wensleydale. It’s moist and creamy, with a honeyed flavour and lower acidity than modern, mass-produced Wensleydale cheeses, and a world away in flavour.

The actual King Richard lll spent a number of his childhood years in Middleham Castle in Wensleydale, some four miles from the original cheesemaker, Suzanne Stirke’s, dairy. Suzanne originally revived the traditional recipe for this great, cloth-bound cows’ milk cheese, and has now been passed it on to Andrew Ridley whose dairy is in Lancashire.

When young, King Richard III cheese is a wonderfully clean and fresh tasting cheese, with a mild, slightly lemony, lactic flavour that becomes honeyed. Our tower contains a whole round slice from a larger truckle which will weigh around 250g


The tower also comes a delicious box of artisan crackers, please let us know if you require gluten free crackers.


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