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Cushidoos source their Scottish mountain water from ancient springs, high in the Cairngorms National Park. It is one of the purest, softest waters in the world. For fifty years it filters its way through the cracks and crevices in layers of granite until it emerges naturally, sparkling in the light. The small molecular cluster size of the water creates a larger surface area for other flavours to exquisitely interact with, making Cushiedoos the perfect mixer for gin or vodka.

As natural as a G&T on a summer’s day.

They’ve made the most natural tonic water you’ll ever find. Cushiedoos is a crafty blend of locally-sourced Scottish heather and Scottish silver birch, with yellow-flowering gentian and wormwood for bitterness and British sugar beet for sweetness.

Act global, source local.

They don’t scour the earth for our ingredients. That would be environmentally reckless. They find them as close to home as possible. The tonic contains Scottish water, Scottish botanicals and British sugar beet. And that, in turn, is why it tastes so damn good.

No naughties.

Unlike common-or-garden tonic waters, Cushidoos has no quinine so it won’t dry your palate. There are no naughties. No artificial sweeteners, no preservatives. Even better, it’s got 24% less sugar than the leading premium tonic.

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