Christmas – Classic


Tradition, elevated – we’ve sourced the very finest cheeses for this classic selection of Christmas favourites. An artisanal take on the traditional festive cheeseboard, this selection presents a perfect marriage of quality and familiarity.  

Christmas Cheese will be delivered between 21-23rd December – we will confirm date by 19th December 




Montgomery’s Cheddar

Montgomery’s Cheddar has been made at Manor Farm, North Cadbury in Somerset for three generations using a traditionally produced and maintained starter culture. Clothbound and then aged for 12-18 months Montgomery’s has a distinctive dry texture and strong meaty, savoury and almost farmyard flavours. Once you have tried this unique and wonderful cheddar, you will struggle to return to any of its competitors.

Brie de Meaux

A true classic, Brie de Meaux is a hand made bloomy rind cheese from northern France. Some skilful post-revolution marketing renamed this ‘King’s Cheese’ into the ‘King of Cheeses’, a title it deserves to this day. The distinctive aroma, velvety texture and complex flavour combine to create this tasty delight.

Colston Basset Stilton

Colston Basset is one of the last remaining hand-ladled Stiltons made in Nottinghamshire. This traditional technique produces an intensely rich and velvety textured cheese with deep, complex and lasting flavour. In our view, Stilton doesn’t get better than this.


Driftwood is a strong, fresh, log-shaped goats’ cheese with a distinctive lemon flavour and a silky smooth, thick texture. An ash coated rind gives the distinctive and dramatic appearance that looks fantastic on any cheeseboard.

Stinking Bishop

A full fat soft pungent cheese from Gloucester based cheesemaker Charles Martell. The characteristic flavour (and name) comes from the Stinking Bishop Perry used to wash the rind.

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