Local Cheese

Surrey and the surrounding counties, whilst not blessed with quantity, certainly lucked out on quality when it comes to artisan cheesemakers. There’s something for everyone from the unctuous Tunworth to the decadent Barkam Blue, or why not try our Loyal To Local box the really sample the best the south-east has to offer!

British Cheese

There are over 750 cheeses produced in Britain today, from classic cheddars to more unusual modern varieties, there is something for everyone in this category!

French & Swiss Cheese

Probably some of the most famous cheeses on the markets, France and Switzerland offer a diverse and tasty selection for you to choose from. Whether you’re a fan of stinky washed rinds like Epoisse or a lover of raclette, there’s something for everyone in this category.

Italian Cheese

Famous for tangy Parmesan and cream Mozzarella, Italy is a hotbed of cheesy delights. Perfect for pizza, pasta and cheese boards alike, this category is a cooks dream!

Spanish Cheese

The terroir of this region lends it self to sheep milk with Manchego being their most famous cheese export. Bold flavours are aplenty here!