Cows’ Milk Cheese

Cows’ milk cheeses are as varied as the producers who make them around the world. A herd’s breed, feed, and location will influence the flavours and textures of cows’ milk cheeses – cheesemakers are able to create cheeses that range from creamy and sweet, to hard and salty, and everything in between!

Goats’ Milk Cheeses

Goats’ milk cheeses have a lower lactose content than their cows’ milk counterparts, and are often characterised by a slightly tart flavour. Styles range from velvety and soft, to hard, and even blue, with a great diversity of flavours and textures available to satisfy anyone’s tastebuds!

Ewes’ Milk Cheese

From Roquefort to Manchego, Feta to Pecorino, ewes’ milk cheeses are as diverse as they are delicious! Ideal for the cheesemaking process with higher levels of calcium and lactose, ewes’ milk provides an irresistible richness and full flavour that makes it an ideal choice for any cheeseboard.

Buffalo Milk Cheese

Made from the milk of the water buffalo, buffalo milk cheeses like the classic Mozzarella di Bufala have a very distinctly sweet, smooth and rich flavour which differs to cows’ milk. This milk creates incredibly delicious cheeses and pairs especially well with cured meats like Prosciutto de Parma and Jamon Iberico.

Gurnsey & Jersey Cow Milk

Recognisable in cheeses by its buttery yellow colour, the milk from these special cows is 18% higher in protein and 20% higher in calcium than ‘standard’ cows’ milk, whilst also having lower levels of the ‘A1’ protein which makes it easier to digest for many people. Having a slightly higher fat content also gives the cheeses a delicious, buttery taste and creamy texture that you just can’t get enough of – it’s an all around winner!