Cheese Boxes

Unsure which cheeses to try or want a perfectly curated selection to impress on a cheeseboard? Our hand-picked cheese boxes are a perfect solution! Each box contains four or five complimentary fromages, tasting notes, and can include crackers and chutney.

Pasturised Cheeses

Made using milk that has been treated with heat, pasturisation enables the cheesemaker to produce a consistent, super tasty and often pregnancy safe product. 

Raw Milk 

Raw-milk cheese is made with milk that is unpasteurised. Raw-milk cheeses may be firm, oozy, creamy, or crumbly, and can come in any shape, from wheel to block. Almost always made by small-scale artisanal producers, they often come from a single-herd cow, sheep, or goat milk. 

Pregnancy safe

It’s hard to know what you can and can’t eat during pregnancy so we have taken the guess work away and collated a group of delicious, pregnancy safe cheeses for you. If you want more info on the NHS guidelines you can checkout our blog post here.

Vegetarian Cheese

Traditionally cheese is made with natural rennet that comes from the stomachs of calves or lambs. Nowerdays there are a wide variety of vegetarian cheese that use non-animal products such as vinegar to make the cheese.